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About the Bulletin
The current state of reform science

About the Bulletin 
The Center publishes the Bulletin which covers the following issues:
1. The state of reform sciences.
2. Reference to the sources kept in the Archive.

The Bulletin abides by the following policy:
1. When a research is submitted, the Editorial Board makes its rough estimation and, if recognized as a possible version of reform science, treats it as a source to be kept in the Archive and available free.
2. If there are two or more different research works in the same field of science, the Bulletin keeps them all as likely sources and strives to resolve the confusion and find the right source.
3. If the confusion is resolved, the Bulletin refers the state of science only to the right source.
4. Otherwise, the Bulletin publishes all the alternatives of the state of science with the respective references.
5. The Bulletin registers the state of every branch of reform science by publishing Table 1 and Table 2 of concepts with the respective references and Table 3 with references for every substructure separately.

In case of Part 1 and Part 2, the research can be submitted only when the respective part is complete. In case of Part 3, the research can be submitted at any stage if, at least, one new concept is determined.
The research should be submitted to the Editor of the Bulletin,, as an attachment in PDF format.  The tables of concepts (for Part 1 and Part 2) should be attached separately in PDF format.

The current state of reform science
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