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 Igor S. Makarov. “A Theory of Ether, Particles and Atoms. Second Edition”. 
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                                                NEWS OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS
The Amazon Company ( ) has started producing a new book on physics by
Igor S. Makarov, PhD, titled “A Theory of Ether, Particles and Atoms. Second Edition”, its subtitle “Introduction to the Reform of Modern Physics”. It is the author's 30-year-long independent research based on a new method and finding solutions to some of the most cardinal problems of modern physics (the problem of ether, the origin of matter, the nuclear structure, etc.). This is a paperback,
6''x 9'', Black & White on White paper, 130 pages, price $25. This book is eligible for FREE Super Saver shipping within 36 hours after order. 
ISBN-13: 978-1441478412
ISBN-10: 1441478418
BISAC: Science/Physics/Nuclear Physics

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See online a new book below; its hard copy (ISBN-13: 978-1469985770)
can be ordered at company 

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