Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

One-state solution


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a new historic phenomenon: there have been an innumerable number of such conflicts in the history of civilization. Two main solutions are known for such conflicts: wild and wise. The wild solution involves a war aimed at annihilating one side, which certainly cannot be recommended for the conflict in question. The wise solution involves the creation of a bi-national state or society and requires a radical reform of both ethnic societies to befriend them with each other.

The one-state solution of the conflict coincides with the scientific approach to the problem and is exactly what should be recommended for the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The bi-national state is not only a peaceful and therefore the most preferable solution, but it is the only true human one: it elevates the peoples from their ethnic, ghetto-like isolation to a considerably higher ideological level, that of the state, where they acquire a constitution, with its laws consistent with the international laws, and, for the first time, become true members of the world community.

The reform of society is surely not an easy job, because, in particular, it includes the reform of religion. Fortunately, our organization, The Reform Science Center,, has now a proven scientific methodology for that and could participate in such a fateful endeavor.

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