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                                               TO UNESCO MEMBER-STATES
                                                           The Reform Science Center

As we have already informed you, civilization is experiencing now a general ideological crisis threatening its very existence. Underlying that crisis, as an analysis shows, is the crisis of modern science and education which therefore need a radical reform. The only world organization that could and must lead such a reform is UNESCO. However UNESCO seems to be paralyzed by the European establishment who resist any reform threatening their privileges. In that condition, we have taken initiative and created THE REFORM SCIENCE CENTER, www.reformscience.org, so far a virtual organization aimed at coordinating the reform of modern science; we have already started the reform and developed the proper methodology for it. But to proceed with such a mission we need support and participation of the whole scientific community.

In this connection we call upon you:

(1) take up measures to change the current UNESCO program by giving priority to the reform of modern science and education;
(2) support our recent appeal to the Director-General of UNESCO enclosed to grant our above Center the status of a UNESCO organization;
(3) set up a branch of our above Center in your country and, guided by our works and instructions enclosed, proceed with the reform of science independently; share your experience.

Scientific Board
Reform Science Center, www.reformscience.org
P.O. Box 461, Haifa 31003, Israel
Tel/fax: +972-4-822-1997; mobile: +972-544-382-416
Email: info@reformscience.org

(1) our appeal to UNESCO:
(2) our research in physics:
(3) its abstract:

(4) our recent work, Reform of Modern Science. Politics. Economics: