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To University Friends

Dear University Friend:

Civilization is experiencing a general ideological crisis now threatening its very existence. To overcome the crisis, it is necessary to reform modern science and education. Our Reform Science Center, http://www.reformscience.org/, has developed the proper methodology and already succeeded in starting the reform of science in physics, politics and economics (see our pages MISSION and ARCHIVE). To proceed with our mission, we need worldwide support and assistance, while at present we work in conditions of absolute boycott and cannot even register our organization. Moreover, we suspect that our correspondence is usually filtered and perhaps blocked.

There may be several ways of assistance:
(1) to organize a social movement to grant us the status of a UNESCO organization;
(2) to organize branches of our center at universities;
(3) to organize scientific conferences to discuss our works and possible assistance;
(4) to organize financial support that would enable us to become a full-fledged organization.

So if you are connected with the scientific community of a university, would you please discuss the above ways of support. Spread this message to your friends. We look forward to your response.

Igor Makarov, PhD
Independent Researcher
Email: macgregory_steph@yahoo.com; info@reformscience.org