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11 January 2012

Prof. Rolf-Dieter Heuer

Dear Prof. Heuer,
                                                       RE: Project of vital importance
My independent research in physics, “A Theory of Ether, Particles and Atom” (see enclosure), initiates the reform of modern physics and confirms the philosophical thesis that physics is a theoretical science, not an experimental one. This means that experimental programs in particle physics cannot any longer be a great hope for science; instead, they may prove a threat to civilization by deepening the crisis of modern science and therefore the present general ideological crisis of civilization, now at its crucial stage.

In this connection I propose to restructure a part of CERN into an International Reform Science Center aimed at reforming modern science. The realization of such a project, in one form or another, is vital for the destiny of civilization and especially important for such multicultural regions and countries as Europe, Russia, Middle East and Asia. If realized in CERN, it would give it a new, important and promising life.

My present virtual organization,
www.reformscience.org, has already started functioning as such a center and made some progress in this respect, but now we need international support and conditions for a full-fledged organization with a staff of 5-10 persons, to begin with. So I propose to create such an organization at CERN. Please see more information enclosed.

Yours sincerely,
Igor Makarov, PhD
Director /Independent Researcher
Reform Science Center
P.O. Box 461, Haifa 31003, Israel
Tel/fax: +972-4-822-1997; mobile: +972-544-382-416
Email: info@reformscience.org

(1) my research in physics:
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(5) my photo: www.keepandshare.com/doc/view.php?id=3159168&da=y .