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1 January 2012

Ms. Irina Bokova


Dear Ms. Bokova,
RE: UNESCO Reform Science Center
Now that the ideological crisis of civilization and its political institutions deepens thereby moving the world closer and closer to a new cold war with its unpredictable consequences, it is time UNESCO revised its programs and took proper measures to reverse the current development.

As we have repeatedly informed UNESCO, the main reason underlying the above crisis is the crisis of modern science which therefore needs a radical reform. However, trying to protect their privileges and prevent any reform, the scientific establishment have actually paralyzed the work of major scientific centers and journals, so that it is almost impossible now to report or publish an independent research of scientific value. In those conditions, we have created our website, THE REFORM SCIENCE CENTER (
www.reformscience.org), with its online library, and called upon major scientific institutions to join our mission. Unfortunately, despite our calls for support and achievements published online (see enclosure), we have not received any response concerning scientific aspects of our activity; moreover last summer we were prevented from participating in five international conferences on physics in Europe and Israel. So we seem to have been thoroughly boycotted and perhaps blocked. In our opinion, this situation is a potential threat to the destiny of civilization and needs urgent interference by UNESCO, the only international body expected to be sincerely responsible for the state of world science.

In this connection, taking into account that:

(1) the proper reform of modern science in our age of science is vital for the destiny of civilization;
(2) the reform of modern science requires coordinated and concentrated efforts of the world scientific community and therefore needs some guiding center thereof; 
(3) our virtual organization has already initiated the reform of science, developed its methodology suitable for 
both exact sciences and humanities and now needs national and international support; 
(4) it is only UNESCO that could overcome the resistance of the conservative circles of establishment and 
provide its patronage and sponsorship for such a reform,

we appeal to UNESCO to grant us the status of a UNESCO organization - THE UNESCO REFORM SCIENCE CENTER - and provide us with the proper conditions for our mission.

Yours sincerely,
Igor Makarov, PhD
Director /Independent Researcher
Reform Science Center
P.O. Box 461, Haifa 31003, Israel

(1) our research in physics:
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(3) our research in politics:
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