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3 December 2009
Dr. Frank Linde
                                            RE: a conference: new method, results and horizons in physics

Dear Dr. Linde,

I apply to you with a proposal to organize at the institute an international conference aimed at discussing my 30-year-long independent research in physics, with a presentation of my privately printed book on it titled " A Theory of Ether, Particles and Atoms", subtitled "Introduction to the Reform of Modern Physics". This November, staying in Amsterdam, I sent dozens of copies of that book to universities, institutes (to this institute, in particular) and research centers, on top of the digital version of the book sent electronically to them earlier, and thus have actually prepared the world scientific community for the discussion of the new reality in physics, with its new programs of research and education. I think this institute to be one of the most appropriate places to discuss the above research, with its supposed far-reaching implication for modern science in general and, therefore, in our age of science, for the destiny of civilization.

As to myself, I am an independent researcher, PhD, an Israeli citizen, 74, not cooperating or affiliated with any state institution. I graduated from the Moscow Institute of Communications (1958) and first worked at its Research Department (1958-1960). Then for three years I studied at the post-graduate course of the Institute. In 1964, I defended a thesis in digital magnetic recording and was conferred the scientific degree of Candidate of Science (approximately PhD in Technology). Then for about 20 years I worked at the Research Institute of Radio (Moscow), including 12 years as Senior Researcher in the field of digital communications. I have got about 15 works published in scientific journals and one invention. In July 1992 I immigrated in Israel.

In late 60s I started, simultaneously with my official work, my own independent research in Systems Theory, which gradually involved Theoretical Physics and Philosophy and eventually, owing to a new method, yielded results of fundamental significance for physics. In 2007, staying in Britain, I printed privately my research and donated it to the British Library and the Academies of some Western countries. In 2008, I registered it in the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. In March 2009, I printed its second, corrected edition. Despite the overwhelming results of the research, however, it has not yet been officially recognized. It seems strange because my above research may be considered simply a new line in theoretical physics and therefore has no less right for existence than such exotic modern theories as the Big Bang Theory, the String Theory and the like.

In this connection, taking into account that the crisis of modern science, as an analysis shows, is underlying the present general ideological crisis of civilization now developing unpredictably and threatening the very existence of humankind, would you please consider the possibility of organizing at the institute an international conference with the above program.

Yours sincerely,
Igor Makarov, PhD
Independent Researcher
P.O. Box 461, Haifa 31003, Israel