The Reform Science Center

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April 17, 2008
Mr. Jimmy Carter
Ex-President of the United States
Head of the Carter Center
Atlanta GA 30307, USA

Dear Mr. Carter:

We share the opinion of that great part of the American people who consider your past activity as President of the United States one of the most wise and courageous in the American history. We think highly of the fact that after so many years of official political activity, you, like the best of the American statesmen, continue your noble work for the sake of the American people and the whole civilization, trying to find a way to a new, more humane and just society. We think we could be very much helpful to you in this work and, on the other hand, we ourselves desperately need support of your Carter Center.

We appeal to you to consider possible support of our Project of the Century aimed at reforming modern science, which, as an analysis shows, is of vital importance for the destiny of civilization. The Project is based on our 30-year-long independent research in Systems Theory and Theoretical Physics and stated below. We understand that any person or organization who would choose to support us would inevitably encounter opposition and hostile attitude of some circles of society. But the way uphill cannot be easy and we believe you are the right person to meet us halfway.

Yours sincerely,
Igor Makarov, PhD
Independent Researcher
Director of the Project

Enclosure: Project of the Century, one page