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10 January 2010
Mr. Herman Van Rompuy
Council of the European Union 

                                                   RE: Project of the Century

Dear Mr. Van Rompuy,

Now that you have been elected President of the European Council and is thinking over the main directions of its policy, you would possibly be interested in the scientific recommendation in this respect stated below.

As facts suggest, civilization is experiencing a general ideological crisis, which manifests itself now in local and social conflicts, now in terrorist acts, now in economical disturbances, and now again in a growing confrontation between the East and the West. Under the present circumstances, the crisis will develop and, unless the proper measures are taken, will eventually bring civilization to its ruin. Europe, the traditional spiritual center of civilization, has supposedly to play the main part in reversing this trend.

As an analysis shows, underlying this general crisis is the contradiction between the high level of present technological achievements, especially in transportation, communications and information technology, uniting the whole world and implying the necessity for the corresponding form of its global organization, on the one hand, and the currently dominating outdated forms of organization based on private interests, nationalist and sectarian ideologies which are generally hostile to higher forms of communal organization, the more so to globalization.

In our time of science, it is only science that could find the proper form of global organization and enlighten people to accept it. However, at present modern science is itself experiencing a deep crisis and is not up to the job. Moreover, paradoxical as it is, modern science presents now the main threat to society and should be reformed and organized first. Thus the principal, strategic and vital challenge the world is facing now is to reform modern science.

Although the reform of modern science is certainly quite a task in itself, fortunately, there exists now a blueprint for such a reform: this is my 30-year-long independent research initiating the reform of modern physics and blazing a trail to the reform of modern science in general including humanities, the science of politics, in particular. To perform such a reform, it is necessary to establish An International Center of Reform Science, or something like that. This issue is elaborated in the leaflet Project of the Century attached. The realization of this project should now become the main concern of the European Union.

In this connection would you please convene an international conference or take some other measures to promote that vital for Europe and civilization project. I could make a report on the research and all the relevant issues, if necessary. Please, see additional information below.

Yours sincerely,
Igor Makarov, PhD, Independent Researcher
P.O. Box 461, Haifa 31003, Israel

(1) the leaflet Project of the Century
(2) a letter to the Dutch Academy, 11.12.09