The Reform Science Center

Mission. Page 7

Messages sent to UN Secretary-General (contact form), Sept.1-4, 2010

Strategy Project-1
Mr Ban, crisis of science is underlying ideological crisis of civilization. My research in physics paves way to reform of science. Urge UNESCO to convene conference to discuss issue. Igor Makarov, Israel

Strategy Project-2
Mr Ban. Sep1 I sent 2 emails to UNESCO, to Ms Bokova and you, concerning my research and Project of Century vital for civilization. Take control of them. I have neither contact nor trust. Igor Makarov.

Strategy Project-3
Mr Ban, as World Commander-in-Chief, you should organize World Army of Researchers and General Staff – UNESCO, to rescue civilization according to my Project of Century-Strategic Plan. I. Makarov

Strategy Project-4
Mr Ban, to rescue civilization, it is necessary first to reorganize UNESCO, its main function to be Reform of Science. At present it is guided by local interests and not up to new challenge. I.Makarov

Strategy Project-5
Please, collect my four messages “Strategy Project-1,2,3,4”, repeated 4.09.2010, and pass them to Secretary-General's Office. Decision on them is vital for civilization. Keep me informed. I. Makarov.