The Reform Science Center

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10 October 2009
Executive Board
35th General Conference
                        RE: a radical change in science policy (Project of the Century)

Dear Sir (Madam):

In your person, I apply to the current 35th General Conference of UNESCO and demand that it change radically the current UNESCO policy in the field of science according to the following.

The crisis of modern science is underlying the present general, ideological in its nature, crisis of civilization now threatening the very existence of humankind. To overcome this general crisis, it is necessary, first of all, to reform modern science. By the letter of its Charter, UNESCO is the only organization in the world that can and must lead and execute this job. Fortunately, the path to the reform of modern science has already been blazed by my 30-year-long independent research in physics initiating the reform of modern physics, still to be discussed and published professionally. To implement the reform of modern science in general, it would be necessary to establish the proper international institute or a scientific center to coordinate scientific activity the world over . The reform of modern science must now become the main function of UNESCO for decades.

In this connection would you please persuade the current 35th General Conference of UNESCO of the necessity to inscribe the function of Reform of Modern Science in the list of its programs as its MAIN FUNCTION, obliging it to organize discussion and publication of my above research and establish an international institute to proceed with the reform on a large scale. See additional information in the letters enclosed.

Yours sincerely,
Igor Makarov, PhD, Independent Researcher
P.O. Box 461, Haifa 31003, Israel

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