The Reform Science Center

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The reform of modern science

1. As many understand and events imply, civilization is experiencing now a general crisis which, unless the proper measures are taken, may soon bring civilization to its ruin.

2. Underlying this general crisis, in our age of science, is the crisis of modern science; it is now severed, monopolized, commercialized, twisted and abused by national and multinational elitist institutions and is unable to develop into the spiritual guide of society, which it is potentially.

3. Now that modern technology has revolutionized and united the world, civilization, to survive, should be organized as a whole, which can only be achieved scientifically; therefore, the organization of science for this job should be the first step in that direction.

4. During our independent research in Systems Theory and Theoretical Physics, we have discovered both the crisis of modern science and the way to overcoming it. In 2007 we printed privately, in small edition, two books with the research,
"Igor S. Makarov. A Theory of Ether Generating Matter" and
"Igor S. Makarov. A Theory of Ether, Particles and Atoms",
and donated them to academies and libraries of some Western countries, The British Library and The Library of Congress, in particular. This research initiates the reform of modern physics and, surprisingly, owing to its new method, paves the way to the reform of modern science in general, including humanities, the science of politics, in particular.

5. Despite the convincing and overwhelming results of our research, official science still ignores its existence, obstructing and delaying its publication and disregarding all our calls for assistance. Facing such an arrogant official attitude, we have taken initiative in advancing our project, The International Center of Reform Science, which may become The Project of the Century.

6. The Center is to become the engine and the embodiment of the reform of modern science. Governed by a Council of Philosophers of Reform Science, it will instruct, guide and coordinate scientific activity the world over, while collecting, processing, unifying and publishing its essential results.

7. Our immediate task at present is to publish our research on a large scale and convene an international conference which, among other things, would define the place and the structure of the Center, work out its Charter and elect its First Council of Philosophers. The Center may start functioning simply as an office for a new international scientific journal.

8. The success of the above program depends decisively on the support of scientific, social and philanthropic organizations which, worried by the present state of society and feeling responsible for its future, would understand, or believe, the actuality and feasibility of our project and come to the recognition of the necessity to contribute to its realization.

9 To support our Project, please choose the fields of possible support:

  • publishing our research (the second of the above two books) on a large scale,

  • organizing an international conference,

  • starting a new international scientific journal,

  • raising the fund of the Project,

  • pressing UNESCO to regard the issue,

  • other forms of support.

10. Our contact information:
Igor Makarov. Director of the Project
P.O. Box 461, Haifa 31003, Israel