The Reform Science Center


Welcome to the site
of our organization!

Let me introduce you to this non-governmental independent scientific center. Its main purpose is to mobilize the world scientific community for the
reform of modern science, direct and coordinate the efforts to this end. As our analysis shows, such a reform is now of vital importance for the destiny of civilization. Despite the great difficulties of our task, recent progress on this way makes us confident that this purpose is achievable: the reform of modern science has already started. The new science to arise, called reform science, is quite different from what we are used to call science: it is a merger of modern science and philosophy. At present, however, we are in the very beginning of this enterprise and cannot predict in detail the further development of our organization. In our work, we are going to cooperate closely with scientific institutions and universities. To proceed successfully with this task, our non-profit organization will certainly need support of state, social and philanthropic organizations and private persons.

We call upon young and ambitious scientists, whatever their field of occupation, natural sciences or humanities, to engage in this job and test their ambitions in this challenging endeavor. We will instruct them on this way and, within our resources, reward their progress.

Igor Makarov, Director